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At Black Ocean Audio, we believe that music is interwoven into the fabric of our world. Music can be transformative and everlasting and so should the products you use to create and experience it. We build bespoke audio products developed for use in a home & studio setting. Our loudspeakers are designed to last a lifetime. We design and build our cabinets like musical instruments. Each hardwood baffle offers a small variation in presentation, which makes each set of handcrafted loudspeakers unique. We use only 100% oxygen free copper wiring, direct banana connections, non-ferromagnetic parts, and high quality crossover assemblies to complete our analog monitors.


Hi! I'm Nick Tarnofsky, owner and founder of Black Ocean Audio. In 2020 I was gifted the opportunity of time and I decided to explore one of my passions, high end audio. Due to my experience as a guitar player and recording artist, I have an ear for subtlety and I listen rigorously to my designs. I choose my drivers and cabinet material to create a speaker that reproduces music accurately but also maintains life and responsiveness. I have a passion for Italian craftsmanship and an affinity for the Scottish audio company Linn, thus you can expect many of the mid-range characteristics of my speakers to exhibit a similar sonic landscape. 

-Nick Tarnofsky 

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