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The Nick Nack is the smallest speaker in the [M] series and was designed to compete with the P3ESR and other Ls3/5a small monitors. The Nick Nack's ported 2-way design contributes to its excellent imaging, instrument resolve, detailed midrange and a room filling sound that feels larger than its actual size. Suitable for near field and desktop listening.

Model:  0/12 The Nick Nack [M]

Design: 2-way ported

Tweeter: 3/4" Hand Coated Dome

Woofer: Seas Nextel 5.5" 

Response +/- 3db: 65Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity: 86dB approx.

Impedance: 6 ohm

Amplification: 20-100 watts

Alignment: Front Ported

Dimensions: N/A

Weight: 12 lbs / per unit

Finishes: Mahogany / Walnut / Black

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