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Black Ocean Audio loudspeakers are constructed using handcrafted, specially treated, natural hardwoods. NO MDF and NO Particle Board!  The rigidity provided by the combination of hardwoods used in a Black Ocean Audio loudspeaker far exceeds that of traditional cabinet construction.

As you listen to a Black Ocean Audio loudspeaker, you will hear immersive space and imaging as well as midrange clarity, and depth. You will perceive that the cabinet contributes positively to the sound stage but does not add coloration. Black Ocean Audio loudspeakers are designed to be very engaging and revealing.

The REAL secret to the Black Ocean Audio sound is our cabinets!


Our crossovers are all soldered point to point by hand to provide the absolute best connections. We believe that a well designed low order filter significantly outperforms higher order filters that utilize many low quality parts.


Our boards utilize ClarityCaps, Mundorf Caps & Resistors, as well as 14g Air Core inductors to achieve our open and controlled sound stage. 


We source only the best parts from reputable USA and EU dealers. In todays global climate, where you do business says a lot about your companies values, and at Black Ocean Audio, we strive to engage with dealers who share our values.


Our tweeters are sourced from a Danish manufacturer called Hiquphon. Hiquphon is a small family run company and all parts are assembled by hand. The domes are hand coated. The Hiquphon products are some of the best available.


Our woofers are sourced from a Norweigan manufacturer called SEAS. SEAS has a very long history of research and development in the transducer field and they were an obvious choice when searching for a supplier. 


The tolerance and attention to quality in the parts we receive from both suppliers allows for consistency across all our loudspeakers

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