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Hear directly from Black Ocean Audio customers

"This set of Le Chiffre [M] speakers from Black Ocean Audio are so sick! I've never heard mixes so clear! Tones for the new Fallujah record have been coming out great thanks to these. They even put a custom logo on the back! Can't beat hand crafted."

- Scott Carstairs (FALLUJAH)

[Custome| Los Angeles]

"After being mighty impressed by Black Ocean Audio’s presentation at a local audio show, I purchased a pair of Le Chiffre monitor speakers and  a modified version of The Pale King bass unit.  When I received the speakers, I set them up in the dedicated listening room in my home alongside reference gear that took me forty years in this hobby to acquire.  The BOA speakers lit up the room with clear, top-to-bottom coherent, and overall engaging musical playback with every type of music thrown at them.  They were quite comfortable sharing the system and room with my reference speakers that cost four times as much.  I also appreciate and have pride in ownership of beautifully handcrafted products that tell a story.  Thanks to Nick and all at BOA for countless hours of enjoyment yet to come."

- Steven G 

[Customer | Los Angeles]

"As the proud owner of the NN001M, I'm happy to report that my ears have been blessed. Nick at BOA has done something really awesome here for my use case. I was looking for something to put on my desk with a moderate footpring that complimented the wood table top, but it is truly the table that is compliment to the speakers themselves. I sit here and gawk at the clarity of my music, my movies, and my games. I cannon praise them enough for the depth and range of sound they so effortlessly seam to compile for my listening pleasure. Each instrument, sound effect, and ambient sound are given a chance to shine. These are a wonderful addition to my setup and bring a level of immersion ot the things I enjoy that exceed my expectations. The only thing that would make this perfect would be a bass extension to fully flesh out the soundscape. Thank you for the works of art, my friend! "

- Jordan N.

[Custome| Wisconsin]

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